January 3 

After a brief review of numerous formal requests, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has denied a public hearing to review the Marble Quarry’s illegal and unpermitted burial of Yule Creek above the town of Marble. The Corps states, “We do not believe there would be a valid interest served” by conducting a public meeting. Colorado Stone Quarries (CSQ) relocated Yule Creek in 2019, without permission, to facilitate the expansion of their marble quarrying operation. CSQ claims they were allowed to “temporarily” relocate one-quarter mile of the stream under a mining exemption for road building. The Army Corps has ruled that there was no valid exemption. CSQ has applied for a retroactive permit to move Yule Creek. If ever there was an example of “asking for forgiveness instead of applying for permission,” this is it.

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army corp of engineers denies public hearing on yule creek deviatation

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January 17 
Well-known American artist, Frank Mechau, was a resident of Redstone Colorado. His life in the Crystal Valley helped shape and inspire the unique style and sense of place his work is known for.  Frank’s wife, Paula, was a founding member of CVEPA, and his son, Mike, is a board member emeritus. Thanks to a new documentary on PBS, you can learn more about the amazing work and life of this great artist.

Go here to view: https://video.pbs12.org/video/frank-mechau-zlx9je/.

Reproductions, note cards and books of Mechau’s work can be purchased at frankmechau.com. The foundation will generously donate 15% of purchases by CVEPA members to our organization.  

Frank Mechau documentary and special offer for cvepa members

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