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Important Notice about Yule Creek - Public Comment Period

​​Help Us Protect Our Valley

Help Us Protect Our Valley

The famous Yule Creek Marble Quarry, now called the Pride of America Mine, is owned by the Italian Company Red Graniti. In October 2019 CVEPA reported that the quarry had diverted a 1500 foot section of Yule Creek to a new drainage and filled in its natural course with mine waste so a new access road could be built. This was done without a permit and in violation of the Clean Water Act. Neither the Army Corps of Engineers nor Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety were aware of the transgression.

 Colorado Stone Quarries has retroactively applied for that permit, choosing to seek forgiveness instead of permission. The violation raises concerns about water quality in the Crystal river watershed and environmental impacts near the mine site. The Army Corp is currently seeking public comments regarding CSQ’s application. Click here for their application and instructions for submitting comments. Public comments are due December 16.

Since 1972 the Crystal River Environmental Protection Association (CVEPA) has been fighting for the water, land, air and rural and wilderness culture of the Crystal River Valley.  Although we are a small, volunteer organization with no paid staff, we have an impressive history of fighting to protect the incredible environment surrounding us, including stopping a downhill ski area above Marble, helping oversee the reclamation of a major coal mine, keeping a major dam that would have destroyed the upper Crystal Valley, and working to make sure the public has access to the national lands around the valley.  We hope your mission matches ours. Dues start at $20 per year.  Visit our Contact Us page and complete the New Membership Form. We'd be happy to have you join us!